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Radar Intrusion Detection Sensor & Smart Lamp

A mood lamp on ordinary days and a security guard to protect my space when I am away from home!
* Intruder Alert System
* Intruder Alarm Installation

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  • Radar intrusion detection in IoT

    A powerful IoT radar sensor of the intruder alert systemis utilized to sense the movement of any intruder through object penetration and precision detection.

  • Color and chroma adjustment

    Possible to adjust brightness, about 16 million colors and chroma

  • Object penetration

    LKS Global IoT radar sensor of the intruder alert system
    possible to move through various types of materials such as fake wall, glass, wood, plastic, fabric (textile), etc. to detect the designated person regardless of obstacles.

  • Zero blind spots and detection errors

    IoT radar sensor has a wide angle of 170° and maximum distance of 10m while providing constant detection quality regardless of surrounding environment such as weather, temperature, etc.

  • Verified safety

    Passed a strict electromagnetic wave test and it is safe to use as waves it gives off are harmless to humans.

  • Simple intruder alarm installation and compatibility

    A intruder alert system detection data is sent to your smart phone in real-time and it is available to link with various IoT apps after downloading a dedicated smart phone application (See Brochure to find IoT apps available for use)