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Radar Activity Monitoring Sensor

LKS Global radar sensor can monitor elderly remotely
You will never miss a moment with your precious family.

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  • Radar intrusion detection in IoT

    A powerful IoT radar sensor for intruder alarm monitoring is utilized to sense the movement of any intruder through object penetration and precision detection.

  • Monitoring activities

    Sends an alarm immediately when sensing abnormal heartbeat detection or no movement detected on the designated person for a limited time.

  • Object penetration

    Available to penetrate various types of materials such as fake wall, glass, wood, plastic, fabric (textile), etc. to detect the designated person regardless of obstacles.

  • Zero blind spots and detection errors

    IoT radar sensor has a wide angle of 170° and maximum distance of 10m while providing constant detection quality regardless of surrounding environment such as weather, temperature, etc.

  • Verified safety

    Passed a strict electromagnetic wave test and it is safe to use as waves it gives off are harmless to humans.

  • Communication (Wi-Fi) network available to link with existing servers

    Provide APIs available to link with all servers and ensure developmental flexibility