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Wireless (RF) Radar Motion Sensor

We will keep you safe wherever you go.
* Wireless Burglar Alarm
* Wireless Intruder Alarm

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  • Radar intrusion detection in IoT

    A powerful IoT radar sensor is utilized to sense the movement of any intruder through object penetration and precision detection.

  • Self-sustaining wireless communication

    Applies a unique self-sustaining wireless communication network. Thus, can be installed wireless intruder alarm and used freely regardless of time and space without other communications networks such as the internet, Wi-Fi, etc. (Max. communication distance between sensor and receiver: 1km)

  • Zero blind spots and detection errors

    IoT radar sensor has a wide angle of 170° and maximum distance of 10m while providing constant detection quality regardless of surrounding environment such as weather, temperature, etc.

  • Verified safety

    Passed a strict electromagnetic wave test and it is safe to use as waves given off by the device are harmless to humans.

  • Strong security features

    Radar intrusion detection system is free from the risks such as violation of privacy and portrait rights, illegal video recording, voice phishing that may occur when CCTVs and home cameras are hacked.

  • Object penetration

    Available to move through various types of materials such as fake wall, glass, wood, plastic, fabric (textile), etc. to detect intruders regardless of obstacles.