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LKS Global,
a Korean radar motion sensor provider,
developing as a global leader in areas of security,
IoT radar sensor, wireless devices, and video solutions.

Korean Radar Motion Sensor,IoT Radar Sensor

Established in 2017, LKS Global
is expanding and developing as a company that takes the lead in areas of smart city development, smart home, healthcare, IoT radar sensor, wireless intruder alarm system, care alarms for elderly, physical security, and control systems through the development and utilization of radar sensors.

Korean Radar Motion Sensor,IoT Radar Sensor

LKS Global
a Korean radar motion sensor provider, develops radar sensors with various frequency bands and has entered into the business areas of security, safety, and healthcare.

It also builds and sells various products including ones to prevent solitary death by abnormal heartbeat detection, ones related to healthcare, and physical security based on motion sensor alarm indoor.

Korean Radar Motion Sensor,IoT Radar Sensor

LKS Global products based on
extensive experience in technological fields such as radar development through its sole and unique technologies, antenna design technology, wired/wireless communication technology, etc.,

LKS Global aims to provide optimal services in IoT radar sensor.


LKS Global focuses on developing and releasing IoT radar sensor, GKIMI products constantly in order to become a company that brings about a breeze of fresh air in the areas of security, healthcare, remote monitoring elderly parents, smart home IoT, and satisfying customer needs.

We promise you that we will do our best to provide
unique and innovative high-quality IoT radar sensor like GKIMI
and wireless burglar alarm products and satisfy our customers.

Thank you.