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Radar Biosignals & Sleep Tracker

Check your health status even when you sleep.
* Care Alarms for Elderly
* Radar Vital Signs Monitor

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  • Untact radar system

    It is a safe to use untact radar system with low output waves harmless to humans (below 10dBm) to avoid frequency interference.

  • High precision, wide recognition scope

    Possible to detect, measure, and analyze the status of designated person by monitoring bio signals with 95% accuracy, monitoring the activity from a max. distance of 80m, and sending bio signals from a max. distance of 5m.

  • Tailored data analysis

    Provide tailored monitoring of diverse biosignals, radar vital signs monitor, radar sleep monitor, abnormal heartbeat detection, activity patterns, etc. without error based on deep learning.

  • Outstanding compatibility

    Possible to connect and link with various IoT devices of LKS Global. Such as IoT radar sensor, wireless burglar alarm device, GKIMI, intruder alert system, abnormal heartbeat detection device, radar sleep monitor.

  • Smart healthcare platform

    LKS Global’s IoT radar sensor proper to experience individual doctor services with the provision of various medical information based on the analysis of biosignals, sleep, and activity patterns.

  • Strong security features

    It is safe to use without the risk of personal data breaches owing to our compliance with EU GDPR for personal data and security guidelines and data encryption for transmission.